Generative Types II: Sound Type

Following on from my recent “Grow your own typeface” post, I spoke to Joscha Ilge who also studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden. 

Joscha collaborated with Anita Hohensee to produce these gorgeous sound influenced typographic experiments. Each focused on a different principles.

In the top image, the Joscha’s type is altered by tones, much like a graphic equalizer. In Anita’s below, a typeface have been transformed by a whole song.

The course was lead by prof. Jörg Waldschütz, who invited Cedric Kiefer from the agency Onformative to help students with the early programming aspects until they were comfortable progressing on their own. 

I love the way the line work seems to thrust from the epicentre of each character like an explosion.

(via typeworship)

et maintenant écoute les images

les images sont bien des signes, un langage universel?

Guy Debord, 
Rue de Seine, Paris 1953

Guy Debord,
Rue de Seine, Paris 1953

by BlinkmyBrain

Le Corbeau voulant imiter l’Aigle

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The Essence of Connected Learning

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